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Charter A Bus - Tips and Info

Top 10 Things to Know Before Chartering a Coach

  1. Charters are priced by the hour for local use or by the mile for out-of-town trips averaging more than 150 miles per day.
  2. Kraftours has a nationally recognized maintenance program.
  3. Kraftours is a member of the United Motorcoach Association. UMA membership makes available services and maintenance for Kraftours equipment nationwide.
  4. Kraftours is proud to be insured by Lancer Insurance Company, the premier bus insurance provider in the U.S.
  5. Customers are welcome and encouraged to visit our facilities and review our equipment.
  6. The deposit to book a bus is $100. Your deposit and charter contract confirm your trip.
  7. Drivers cannot drive more than 10 hours followed by 8 consecutive hours off-duty.
  8. In addition to a coach and driver, Kraftours can provide a complete travel program for your group. Call our office at one of the numbers listed above to speak with our travel professionals about the special needs of your group.
  9. Many companies on the internet advertising charter coach services are brokers. Brokers do not own any equipment. Brokers add a percentage to arrange trips for you. Kraftours deals directly with the customer; there is no middle man adding to your cost. Brokers add as much as 38% to the total cost of the trip as a hidden fee for their profit.
  10. You can access D.O.T. records to verify a company's ownership, safety rating and insurance by visiting

All motorcoach companies are not alike:

When deciding which company to choose, remember that safety and comfort can be affected by many mechanical components, driver training procedures and management systems, which can't easily be see.


If the price you receive from one operator is significantly or surprisingly lower than others in the community, it may be because that company is saving money through poor or inadequate preventative maintenance procedures. Don't risk heartache to save a couple of bucks!

Follow these guidelines and remember that safety is a reputable company's first priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions when chartering a coach.


Kraftours Coach Features


Kraftours operates both 47 and 55 passenger coaches. Charter rates are based on the seating size of the coach not the number of passengers in your group. You may choose to hire a coach with fewer than the maximum number of passengers. The price is the same. However, the more passengers in the coach the lower the cost per person.


Small Groups Need Big Buses

In most cases, smaller buses cost the same, or almost the same as a full sized coach, but lack all the conveniences, like a lavatory, or underfloor baggage space.

Think about it: The driver costs the same, the fuel costs the same, the insurance costs the same, but with smaller buses, you may not get the value and comfort as with a full-sized coach. Why pay the same for less?

Other Features


All Kraftours Coaches

  •  are restroom equipped.
  •  have reclining seats.
  •  have abundant overhead baggage compartments.
  •  have spacious under floor baggage compartments
  •  have public address systems.
  •  have AM/FM/CD stereo radio.
  •  have video systems.
  •  are all climate controlled with heating and air conditioning systems.
  •  have individual reading lights for each seat.

  •  Coaches can be fitted with tables for a small fee.
  •  Other features, amenities and services are available. Call our office with your needs

How soon do I need to reserve?
Book your coach as soon as you know the date you want to travel. Certain times of the year are extremely busy for bus companies.

A note to group leaders:

Whenever a trip idea is first presented to a group, many people are interested and excited. By the time payment is due, fewer may be genuinely interested. The most successful practice is to request a deposit at the time a trip idea is introduced to your group. This is a good gauge of real group interest.


How can I pay?
We accept checks and money orders provided we receive them at least one week prior to the trip date. The rate quoted for all service is the cash/check/money order price. We also accept MasterCard, or Visa with a modest processing fee. We only accept cash payments in person at our Tulsa offices located at located at 4500 S. 102 E Ave.


When is the final payment due?
Your deposit ensures that you have a bus for the date that you want. Final payment is due 14 days before departure.

Sales Tax:

There is no sales tax when chartering a coach.


Parking, tolls and other fees:
Parking, tolls and other fees are included in your charter contract price.

Hotel room for the coach driver:
On overnight trips, the customer is responsible for the driver's room. Most hotels will provide a free room for the coach driver when a number of rooms is booked for a group. Ask for the group sales manager at the hotel to ensure the coach driver's room is provided, or we can arrange this for you. The hotel will not likely volunteer a room for the driver without someone asking.

On some long, one-day trips, when the group is occupied, as at an amusement park for many hours, a driver's room may be needed in order that the driver be well rested and safe to drive the return trip, often late at night. These accommodations are also the responsibility of the traveling party.

Remember, Kraftours can also arrange your hotel accommodations and almost any other service your group might need.

Alcohol & smoking:

Kraftours coaches are smoke free, to provide a healthy environment for all our travelers. Alcohol is allowed on coaches within reason, drivers are authorized to take any necessary steps to ensure the safety of passengers.

Gratuities for the driver and escort are NOT included in tour pricing or charter quotes.
Everyone appreciates being recognized for a job well done. Your generosity, what ever you decide, will be greatly appreciated.  Kraftours believes tipping is at the discretion of the traveler and based on the level of service provided. How much to tip Is a good question for which our industry doesn't have a standard as does the restaurant industry.

According to the Consumer Reports Travel Letter, for both domestic and international tours, gratuities range from $2 to $8 per person, per day, for a tour escort or guide and $1 to $5 per person, per day for the driver. CNN Money, Emily Post Institutes "Itty Bitty Guide to Tipping" and, suggest on a one-day trip for both escort (guide) or driver 10%-20% of the cost of the tour and for extended trips $1-$10 per day.

Driver Hours:
For every 10 hours of driving, or 15 hours of stand-by time, Federal law requires 8 consecutive hours of rest for drivers. If you plan on driving over 10 hours, a driver change is required. Kraftours can provide multiple drivers for extended trips. We can also help you plan your trip to stay within Federal guidelines.

Can we decorate the coaches?
Yes, we allow the coaches to be decorated within reason and safety guidelines. We ask that no adhesive be used due to paint damage. We can provide suggestions as to what decorations have worked nicely in the past.

I have a CDL License, can I charter a bus without a driver?

No, our insurance policy only allows Kraftours coach drivers to operate our coaches. This is what differentiates a charter from a bus rental. Charters provide total transportation services, not just a vehicle.

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Your Coach Charter Quote
Your coach charter quote represents what we understand your group wants to do. Please, review your quote carefully and let us know if any changes are necessary. Remember, your trip is not a confirmed booking until we have a signed charter agreement and deposit. Changes to the schedule can, of course be made anytime. Changes may affect the final price of your travel.

Helpful Terms
Deadhead: Miles traveled without passengers before the pickup or after a drop off. 
Live Miles: Miles traveled with passengers on board. 
Over the road: Refers to longer trips out of the local area and typically overnight. 
Pax: A written abbreviation for "passengers". 

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Charter Bus Safety Regulations
The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the charter bus industry. All bus drivers are required to carry a current DOT Physical Exam Card, be drug tested under DOT rules and regulations, and maintain a log for miles and hours of service. The DOT regulations restrict bus drivers' work time. There are three parts:
  • 10 Hour Rule. The coach driver cannot drive more than 10 hours following 8 consecutive hours off duty (except in emergencies)
  • 15 Hour Rule. After 15 hours on-duty (driving and non-driving tasks), a driver cannot continue driving until 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time have passed.
  • 70 Hour Rule. On duty time cannot exceed 70 hours for any period of 8 consecutive days.

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Why Travel By Coach?
Coaches are safe.
The bureau of transportation reports that coaches are twice as safe as flying and 46 times safer than driving an automobile. 
(Bureau of transportation statistics, center for transportation analysis)

Coaches reach more destinations
s take you right to the doorstep of your destination. Planes and Trains only take you to the nearest station or airport.

Coaches allow mobility.
Coaches are available to taxi your group around for your entire stay.

Coaches are the most fuel efficient.
Coaches only use 797 BTU's per passenger mile compared to airliners using 4847, trains using 2450, and autos using 3639. (US Department of transportation energy book data, 1999 Bureau of transportation statistics, center for transportation analysis)

Coaches are better for the environment.
Because of their fuel efficiency, Coaches are better for the environment than most other alternatives.

Coaches are affordable.
Chartering a coach is typically half the cost of flying, not including the benefit that coaches provide local travel. You get full transportation service for the same price as a simple bus rental.

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